European Commission warns Bulgaria to get into line on tax rulings, anti-trust damages actions rules

Share this: Bulgaria is among European Union countries that the European Commission has sent a reasoned opinion because of its failure to communicate the transposition of new measures on the automatic exchange of tax rulings between EU tax authorities. The step was announced by the European Commission on July 13, among its regular announcement of moves in the commission?s infringement … [Read more...]

Why Cinema Loves the Marginalized Scientist

Photo illustration by Josephine Livingstone. Courtesy of The Weinstein Company, P'Artisan Filmproduktion GmbH, and 20th Century Fox. "Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge" joins the ever-growing genre of movies celebrating scientists who have triumphed against prejudice. July 12, 2017 The radium puns come early and they come strong in the new movie Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge. … [Read more...]

Ukraine ? Europe?s gas basket – NGW Magazine

Ukraine, a transit country struggling to shake off the legacy of the Soviet past, wants to increase co-operation with the EU as partner and supplier The outflow of news from Ukraine over the last year leaves no doubt about the far-reaching improvements that could be in place soon. Once a handy place for eastern European businessmen to turn public gas into private funds, Ukraine is now making major … [Read more...]

How to Sell ?Medicare for All? to All Americans

Early in her campaign last year for the Democratic presidential nomination, where she cast herself as an experienced pragmatist against fanciful socialist Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton dismissed the Vermont senator?s proposal for single-payer health care. ?I want you to understand why I am fighting so hard for the Affordable Care Act,? she told a Des Moines audience just days before the Iowa … [Read more...]

Why Silicon Valley Is so Bad at Politics

Scott Olson/Getty Images A new initiative to revitalize the Democratic Party betrays the tech industry's blind spots. July 10, 2017 Two years ago, Mark Pincus, the billionaire who is responsible for Farmville, the 21st century?s answer to the Dutch Tulip Craze, had a big idea. ?In this election, we?d want a million people to raise one billion dollars to run Mike Bloomberg for president,? … [Read more...]

15 Credibility Street #20: A Mummy-Bundle of BS

Mummies, aliens, and alien mummies. It?s a strange strange world out there? News chat: 70th anniversary of Flying Saucers Kenneth Arnold describes his flying saucers. ?Anonymous? needs to be ignored. Their goofy (and boring) claims are baseless and should not be considered ?news?. Real people have to waste valuable time debunking this s**t. Gwnyeth?s GOOPy stickers The ultimate in gullible: … [Read more...]

Bulgarian leaders determined to push ahead on good-neighbourly pact with Skopje

Share this: Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov on July 7 again insisted that it was in his country?s interest to support the Republic of Macedonia?s Euro-Atlantic integration and described the planned good-neighbourly agreement with the neighbouring country as extremely important. Bulgarian leaders have been at pains to express determination that the signing of the good-neighbourly … [Read more...]

Caught at airport: German tourist brings home Hitler mug from Bulgaria

Share this: A German citizen, who spent his vacation at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, flew back to Germany with 13 mugs, which showed Adolf Hitler?s likeness. The tourist had bought the mugs in Bulgaria. The German customs started penal proceedings against him. In Germany, the use of anti-constitutional symbols, such as Hitler?s face or swastikas, is forbidden by law. Offenders face high fines … [Read more...]

An International Brotherhood of White Grievance

In his address Thursday in Warsaw, Donald Trump returned to the stark, polarizing rhetoric of his campaign speeches and inaugural address, portraying America and its culturally similar allies as under siege by subversive forces both within and without. Although he called Ronald Reagan ?one of the world?s greatest heroes,? Trump avoided the fortieth president?s oft-invoked trope of America as a … [Read more...]

Global Gas Storage Capacity Rose in 2016: Cedigaz

Paris-based research institute Cedigaz has said that global underground gas storage (UGS) capacity increased by 11bn m3 in 2016.  That's despite a wave of closures and mothballings in Europe and the US; last month the UK's large facility at Rough announced its closure, citing poor returns. Thank you for appreciating great fact based news coverage and analysis on natural gas developments. To … [Read more...]