Emergency at a German alt med conference

What happened when 30 some people took drugs at an alt med conference? Authorities say emergency workers called to a conference centre in northern Germany found some 30 people staggering and suffering from cramps, apparently as a result of amphetamine poisoning. Source: Dozens suffer apparent amphetamine poisoning at German homeopathic conference | CTV News It?s not clear what happened. No one … [Read more...]

Trend: Russia to Face Great Competition on European Gas Market

September 08th, 2015 3:35pm Posted In: Press Notes Competition is intensifying in the European gas market, Vyacheslav Kulagin, the director of the Center for World Energy Markets Studies, the Energy Research Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences, said in an exclusive interview with Trend. ?This can cause certain problems for Gazprom,? he said. Read the full article HERE.  Natural Gas … [Read more...]

America Wants You to Feel Ashamed About Procrastinating. Don’t.

Americans have always told themselves they have a lot of work to do: first, to tame the continent, and later, to build a world safe for democracy or to get filthy rich. Those who don?t contribute to this national, God-given mission, and instead shirk their responsibilities, deserve whatever fate befalls them?sickness, impoverishment, death. For there is no honor in procrastination.  I couldn?t … [Read more...]

Blue beary

Why does black bear have a blue head? Source: Black bear with blue head spotted in Mission, B.C. An observer spotted a black bear with a blue head. The apparently mother bear was with a cub. She appeared to be healthy so officials are not concerned. They think she must have encountered some paint or dye. Perhaps she got into the indigo dye from a clothing manufacturer. This will grow out. But it … [Read more...]

Let the Market Solve the College Sports Problem

Theodore Ross?s ?Cracking the Cartel: Don?t Pay NCAA Football and Basketball Players? is a seemingly deep dive into the economics and policy of college sports. After diagnosing many of the perceived ills of college sports, Ross presents his solution. Junk the whole thing: No more TV contracts and cable deals, endorsement revenue and ticket income, video games and sweat suits. [?] Money is a … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Has the Republican Party in the Palm of His Hand

On Thursday, Donald Trump signed a loyalty pledge to the Republican Party, stipulating that he would support whoever becomes the GOP's presidential nominee and foreclose the option of mounting an independent or write-in or third-party candidacy. The purpose of the pledge was to bring Trump to heel. By announcing his decision publicly, and holding the signed pledge up to a thousand cameras, Trump … [Read more...]

Psychic scam warning from police in Edmonton

News snippet: Police in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada are warning residents not to fall prey to psychics and astrologers who make extraordinary claims. The old black magic has victims in its spell, and Edmonton police say swindlers who pose as astrologers or psychic readers are to blame. Victims of recent scams come from across Canada, including Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto and … [Read more...]

Bulgaria to call new tender to build gas inter-connector with Romania

Bulgaria will be forced to call a new tender to pick a contractor for the underwater stretch of the much-postponed gas inter-connector pipeline with Romania, Energy Minister Temenouzhka Petkova said on September 4. The Bulgarian contractor picked to build the 2.1km stretch under the Danube River, for which it was to be paid 4.6 million euro, notified gas grid operator Bulgartransgaz that it would … [Read more...]

A Bigfoot fishing? Beary unlikely.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has this neat creek cam! It shows a salmon in the water, and then it?s grabbed at by a dark and mysterious clawed ?hand?. Source: Mystery creature catches salmon: So what is it? ? AOL Travel UK The video was taken at Icicle Creek in Leavenworth, Washington. While some people got funny and said it was Bigfoot, the USFWS is clear it is a bear just doing what bears … [Read more...]

Slovakia?s Fico government firm on anti-migrant stand

Safe zones that would provide humanitarian aid to people fleeing their homes are a medium term solution to Europe?s migration crisis, argue Slovak officials as they prepare to coordinate policy with regional partners before an EU summit later this month. Prime Minister Robert Fico?s government remains committed to the line that the migration crisis must be solved in the war-torn source countries. … [Read more...]