The Guardian: UK energy dependence ? five hidden costs expose truth about fracking

August 19th, 2014 12:07pm Posted In: Press Notes The shale boom is a bubble waiting to burst as economics of extraction falter and the trickle of bad environmental news starts to swell. The vision of an energy-independent Britain, free of the clear and growing problems of overseas fuel dependency, is deeply alluring. That is one of the reasons I set up a solar energy company 15 years ago. Today, … [Read more...]

EU Commission sponsors app for self-parking cars

Concept for automated valet parking and charging for e-mobility It still sounds pretty unreal, but will soon become a reality. In the near future it should be possible to park a car outside an airport terminal and then watch the car maneuver itself into the parking garage. This is made possible by an app which is co-developed by the EU Commission. There is only one catch still: For the time … [Read more...]

Leave my GOBLIN alone!

I can?t help it, I really can?t. Your Zimbabwe goblin story for today? Woman said her goblin is NOT the problem here. Bulawayo24 NEWS | Woman threatens to kill tsikamutanda over ?her? goblin. A 40-year-old Gokwe woman left villagers? in shock when she used a machete to scare away a traditional healer popularly known as tsikamutanda who had been hired to kill a goblin which was allegedly … [Read more...]

Generation Awake teaches public how to avoid waste

Richard Rubbish of the Awakeners There are many initiatives by the EU Commission to teach people how to do to avoid waste. One of these, Generation Awake, is aimed at young people, trying to reach them on social media through ad hoc competitions and innovative comic figures called the Awakeners. One of the competitions of Genration Awake was aimed at young designers who were asked to re-use … [Read more...]

New Book on Sustainable Cultural Tourism Released by Métis Author

Métis author, Dr Susan Guyette has released an important book Sustainable Cultural Tourism: Small Scale Solutions for reference by all agencies and organisations with an interest in fostering authenticity and learning experiences through small-scale, linked enterprise networks. This practical, step-by-step guide to a cultural-value based method for planning and development is useful to … [Read more...]

UK striving to become centre for Bitcoin industry

Do digital currencies such as Bitcoin carry significant risks? The European Union still has no single official approach to the use of Bitcoin. At the same time, politicians in Britain reported that they want to establish London as an ever-growing industry centre for Bitcoin. There are no doubts that new risks are associated with the use of this new type of virtual money. The risk analysis has … [Read more...]

Remains of the weekend 16-17 August 2014

Leftover links for this past weekend. New study takes the shine off magpie folklore. No, a Huge Asteroid Is NOT ?Set to Wipe Out Life on Earth in 2880?. Faking Science Cred at a Sci-Fi Con: Not Smart ? CSI. The Myth of ?The Media? | Center for Inquiry. We?d like to welcome you to ?enlightenment? ? NZ Herald News. Mother, daughter trapped by aggressive house cat ? KGTV ABC10 San Diego. … [Read more...]

The Strange Remains the Same for 14 August 2014

Ghost busters and UFO hunters tap top tools of the trade. Did NASA Capture An Alien And Its Shadow On The Moon?. Who Gives Better Retirement Advice: A Palm Reader Or An Investment Adviser? ? Consumerist. Snake OK after removal of ceramic egg in Pa. | Local News ? WTAE Home. Actual classified ad in the Los Angeles Times, August 14, 2014! Thanks to Jeffrey Koehn for that. No leftovers tomorrow … [Read more...]

The Charges Against Rick Perry Are Thin. But They Are Also Clarifying.

Barely had their schadenfreude subsided over the indictment Friday of Texas Governor Rick Perry for abusing the powers of his office than even some liberal commentators began questioning the charges. The two counts brought against Perry by a grand jury concern his attempt to force the resignation of the district attorney for Travis County (which includes Austin) after her 2013 drunk-driving arrest … [Read more...]

GLP Films and the GSTC Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership to Showcase Sustainable Destination Development through Storytelling & Film; Leverages New Global Stakeholder Distribution Network Los Angeles, CA ? GLP Films (GLP), a hybrid film production and marketing company, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), a leader in establishing and managing standards for sustainable tourism, have formalized a strategic partnership to … [Read more...]