Какво е барбекю?

Барбекю (на английски език barbecue, barbeque или съкратено BBQ) е полисемантична дума, чиито значения са свързани помежду си. Понятието се използва за описване на социално събиране, придружено с готвене, което се провежда на … [Read more...]

Хладилни чанти

Какво е хладилна чанта? Хладилната чанта (на английски език cooler, в превод „охладител”) представлява преносима кутия с изолация, която служи за изстудяване на хранителни продукти и напитки. Най-често в хладилните … [Read more...]

Animal lover who stopped to rescue ducks found guilty in deadly accident

Update: Sentenced to jail. Emma Czornobaj gets 90 days in jail for duck-stopping deaths ? CBC News. Originally published 22-Jun 2014 A woman who thought she was doing a good deed was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death. Canada woman stops for ducks; guilty in two deaths ? Yahoo!7. A Canadian woman who parked her car on a highway to help a group of ducklings on the side of the road … [Read more...]

Sykes? Yeti-polar bear data conclusions challenged

There is an update to the story about ancient polar bear DNA found in the samples gathered while searching for the Yeti in Asia. It throws doubt on the results that there is a new type of hybrid bear. BBC News ? Scientists challenge ?Abominable Snowman DNA? results. Last year, Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes revealed the results of DNA tests on hairs said to be from the … [Read more...]

Braingasm videos popular and plausible

An internet sensation, autonomous sensory meridian response, is certainly plausible, at least for some people. A whisper, then tingles, then 87 million YouTube views: Meet the star of ASMR. This is Maria, a 28-year-old Russian expat in suburban Maryland, starring in a YouTube video that has been viewed more than 7 million times. Hundreds of thousands of Maria?s devotees return again and again to … [Read more...]

Croatia Offers Concession to Protesting Veterans

Protesting war veterans in Zagreb. Photo: Sven Milekic. The government on Wednesday postponed for six months the implementation of a piece of legislation that would show in their monthly pension statement how much was paid due to their time in employment as well as their wartime service. The change will not affect how much the veterans are actually are paid, but the postponement of the … [Read more...]

EU budget: Unpaid bills may increase in 2015

Silhouette at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in December 2014 The European Parliament approved the 2015 budget on December 17 during the last plenary session of the year in Strasbourg. However, Jean Arthuis, French Chair of the European Parliament?s Budget committee, warned that the problem of the growing unpaid bills has not been solved and could even become worse next year. Members of … [Read more...]

Macedonia Students Mull More Exam Protests

  The Macedonian students organization, the Students Plenum, has announced new actions against government plans to introduce "external testing" for graduates after it became apparent that the government would not abandon the plan."The ministry keeps ignoring our arguments. By doing so, they force us to take non-institutional measures. We are thinking of boycotting classes or fresh protests," … [Read more...]

European Parliament to debate and vote on recognition of ?Palestinian state?

The situation in the Middle East will be debated in the European Parliament on November 26 in Strasbourg with the 751 MEPs to vote the following day on whether or not the EU should recognise a Palestinian state, the European Jewish Press reports. The question of the recognition of a Palestinian state will be debated with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who has recently visited Israel … [Read more...]

Interconnection: Moldova’s short-term priority

December 16th, 2014 12:00am Posted In: Energy Security & Supply, News By Country, More Countries, Romania, Featured Articles, Moldova, Hungary, Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania-Interconnection (AGRI) , Iasi-Ungheni, Energy Security, Balkans/SEE Focus Moldova's short-term energy security priority is clearly interconnection, explained Iulian Groza, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European … [Read more...]