Chimpanzee attacks and carries away child in Uganda

A family in Uganda claims that a chimpanzee attack claimed the life of their young child. Chimpanzee kidnaps, kills 2-year-old boy. ?We were in the garden burning grass after clearing the fields. As the children and their mother settled down for a late lunch, a group of chimpanzees attacked, taking the child with them,? said Semata. The bereaved mother, Omuhereza Ntegeka, 21, said: ?As we shared … [Read more...]

Nimetz Upbeat on Fresh Macedonia ‘Name’ Talks

UN mediator Matthew Nimetz | Photo by: ?This time I expect substantial progress at the meetings with the leaders in Skopje and Athens,? UN mediator Nimetz was quoted as saying in an interview for ?Voice of the People,? a Macedonian TV magazine.Nimetz will visit Skopje on Monday and Tuesday to meet Macedonian leaders, after which he will travel to Athens, a UN press release explained. The … [Read more...]

Republicans Always Listen to the Pentagon?Except When It Says Climate Change Is Real

Faced with mounting scientific evidence that humans are causing climate change, Republicans are having an increasingly hard time denying the facts. Those denials became even more laughable Tuesday, when one of the party's favorite agencies, the Department of Defense, told Congress that climate change is hurting military operations. At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, a Department of … [Read more...]

Governor Cuomo Announces Global Tourism Initiative to Promote New York Businesses to the Chinese Tourism Market

I LOVE NEW YORK expands its global reach by offering ?Becoming China Ready? workshops to NY businesses and tourism organizations Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the I LOVE NEW YORK program promoting New York businesses and tourism is expanding into China. In addition to establishing an office in the country to market New York?s tourism attractions and activities, I LOVE NEW YORK is … [Read more...]

What Happens if the Obamacare Lawsuits Prevail?

The legislation barely made out of Congress. On no less than three separate occasions, most famously after Democrats lost their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, key sponsors were ready to abandon the effort because they thought it was hopeless. Then came the challenge to the individual mandate, which made it all the way to the Supreme Court. It would have succeeded if not for a … [Read more...]

Meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU concentrates on Russia

Under pressure: Russian president Vladimir Putin Today?s (22.07.2014) meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers in Brussels has been scheduled for months, but rarely has a gathering of the EU?s 28 foreign policy chiefs been more closely watched. The most important issue is the situation in Ukraine after the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine.  Russia does not fulfil the conditions formulated by … [Read more...]

What Malcolm Gladwell Gets Wrong About Spying

In an essay in this week's issue of The New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell takes a survey of the espionage world. Specifically, Gladwell, in a review of Ben Macintyre's new book about Kim Philby and the Cambridge spies, uses their story to make a provocative argument. Philby and his comrades managed to infiltrate British intelligence and pass secrets to the Soviet Union. Gladwell claims two things: … [Read more...]

Tucano Peru Launches Agent-Only E-Travel Planner

Lima, PERU ? Adding to their reputation for superior service to the travel trade in North America, Tucano Peru has launched an agent-only website for planning and researching travel in Peru. This user-friendly online travel planning tool offers travel advisors and outbound tour operators the ability to view and download hundreds of detailed and ready-to-book Peru and multi-country South America … [Read more...]

The Okavango Delta Is Inscribed as the 1000 UNESCO World Heritage Site

BOTSWANA ? The Okavango Delta was inscribed as the 1000 UNESCO World Heritage site during the 38th Session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) being held in Doha, Qatar, on Sunday 22, June 2014. This was announced yesterday at a Press Conference in Gaborone. The Okavango Delta inscription came about in fulfillment of the UNESCO listing criteria due to its unique hydrological event (Criteria IX. … [Read more...]

Pray for Afghanistan: Day 3

An Afghan worker verifies the identification card of a resident at a polling center in the Matun district of the Khost province of Afghanistan Sept. 18, 2010, during parliamentary elections.(Image, caption courtesy U.S. Dept of Defense via Flickr) Barring Taliban deterrence, some 3.8 million registered Afghan voters are expected to show up to the polls tomorrow.  Logistics challenges mean the … [Read more...]