Bulgarian Cabinet approves bill aimed at curtailing theft of companies

Bulgaria?s Cabinet approved at its June 8 meeting a bill of amendments to the Commercial Act meant to deter theft of companies, the government?s media office said. One of the key provisions of the bill is requiring public notaries to authenticate not just signatures on contracts and other company documents that must be filed with the Trade Register, but the contents of those documents as well. At … [Read more...]

Bulgaria reports 0.7% economic growth in Q1 2016

Bulgaria?s economy grew by 0.7 per cent in the first quarter of the year, according to preliminary data announced by the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on June 7. The figure remained unchanged from last month?s flash estimate. Compared to the same period of 2015, economic growth in the first quarter was 2.9 per cent. In real terms, gross domestic product (GDP) in Bulgaria in January-March … [Read more...]

Smartphones Won?t Make Your Kids Dumb. We Think.

Jessica?s tiny fingers dart around the iPad, swiping through photos to get to a particularly entertaining video: a 12-second clip of her dancing clumsily to Beyoncé?s Single Ladies. The 18-month-old taps ?play? and emits a squeal of delight. After watching the video twice, she navigates back to the home screen and opens up the YouTube app to watch an episode of the colorful animation Billy Bam … [Read more...]

Donald Trump?s Racism Is Coloring Every Aspect of Republican Politics

The Trump era of American politics is defined to some degree by controversies that are both unsurprising and, in their unprecedented context, unusually revealing. For instance: Last week in Texas, the Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton fired an opening salvo on behalf of eleven states, suing the federal government over its decision to prohibit school districts from discriminating against … [Read more...]

Popstar: The Lonely Island’s Last Stand

When you break down the reasons that the Lonely Island have been so successful?their skill at flawlessly mimicking various pop music styles, their knack for shareable short-form videos?the comedy trio?s secret weapon may be the most overlooked: their abiding affableness. Satirists as prototypical nice Jewish boys (even if only two of the three members are Jewish), Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and … [Read more...]

Boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsizes in Mediterranean

Three bodies have been found in a rescue operation for migrants aboard a boat that capsized in the Mediterranean sea early Friday, according to Greek officials. Over 300 people of the ?significant number? of passengers thrown into the water have already been rescued off the Greek island of Crete. ?People are in the water, boats crossing the area have thrown lifebuoys and are moving to save the … [Read more...]

Will Paul Ryan Pay a Price for Endorsing Trump?

The word ?teflon? gets tossed around lazily in politics, especially when it?s used to describe Donald Trump, whose constant controversies have made him wildly unpopular. But for years now it?s been a much more fitting adjective for Speaker Paul Ryan. Before Barack Obama became president, Ryan was a reliable soldier for Bush-era policies?tax cuts, wars, Medicare prescription drug benefits?all of … [Read more...]

Do Our Stories Privilege the Upwardly Mobile?

Great literature is biased toward the culturally upwardly mobile: People who?ve moved in different parts of society tell more interesting stories than those who are already at the top of the ladder. That?s the built-in limitation of great novels: You?re always getting a story sympathetic to the triumphant. In politics, this poses greater problems. Conservative New York Times columnist David … [Read more...]

Bulgaria moves to cut back police pension pay perks

Bulgaria?s National Assembly has approved the first reading of amendments to the Interior Ministry Act that will cut back retirement pay for police who take up employment at the ministry after the amendments take effect. This is a dilution of a previous plan, that brought police out in large-scale protests in 2015, that would have reduced pension pay perks for all Interior Ministry employees. The … [Read more...]

Bulgaria increases police at Black Sea for summer tourism season

Bulgaria?s Interior Ministry is deploying an additional 730 police at the Black Sea, who will join police from Varna, Bourgas and Dobrich in taking care of the security of holidaymakers during the 2016 summer tourist season. This was announced on June 2 by Interior Minister Roumyana Buchvarova at a news conference also attended by Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova and UK ambassador to Bulgaria … [Read more...]