How a Nixon Lawyer Fell Out of Love with Tricky Dick and Came to Tell the Real Story of Watergate

?You know,? Richard Nixon told his chief of staff, H.?R. Haldeman, on April 9, 1973, ?with regard to recording what goes on here in the room: I feel uneasy about that ... uneasy because of the fact it?s even done.? Sitting in the Oval Office, his words captured by the very machines he was describing, Nixon began a long meditation about his secret surveillance. He had installed the taping system in … [Read more...]

Bulgarian lottery cancels 2.5M euro jackpot payout on suspicion of fraud

Bulgaria?s prosecutor?s office said on August 8 that it pressed charges of fraud against two individuals who sought to claim a 5.03 million leva (about 2.57 million euro) jackpot of the Bulgarian state lottery. The Bulgarian Sports Totalisator state lottery said on June 26 that the jackpot in the second draw second draw of the 6 of 49 game was won by a resident of the Bulgarian Black Sea port of … [Read more...]

Suggestion of jinn possession is on the rise in Muslim women

Belief in jinn as the cause of health issues is becoming alarmingly more common among Muslim women. Healthcare providers fear that they will seek out alternative healers instead of seeking medical attention. Conditions such as bad luck, marital infidelity, epilepsy and schizophrenia may be blamed on spirit possession. Muslim women?s centre reports rise in number of patients claiming to be … [Read more...]

The Strange remains the same for 17 October 2014

Fox trashes pub after falling down chimney | Meridian ? ITV News. Meet The Actual Ghostbuster | Fast Company | Business + Innovation. Bayer Sued Over Allegedly Misleading Marketing Of One-A-Day Vitamins ? Consumerist. Panic as Plymouth police called to crocodile on the loose ? but find an inflatable toy | Plymouth Herald. Disgraceful Revelations About ?Faith Healer? Ernest Angley ? JREF. Followers … [Read more...]

Attacks on Albanian Shops in Serbia Condemned

Serbian police have arrested one person, following a series of attacks on Albanian-owned shops in Serbia that came after a football match raised tensions to boiling point in the country. An 18-year-old man was arrested on Friday on suspicion of having taken part in attacks on two bakeries in the town of Banovci owned by ethnic Albanians. Attacks on Albanian-owned businesses in the northern … [Read more...]

Slovenia?s new Commission nominee to take on transport

Bulc met with Juncker in Brussels on Tuesday evening Following the approval of Violeta Bulc, Slovenia?s nomination for the European Commission, President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker has turned his attention to a cabinet reshuffle. On Wednesday (15.10.2014), Juncker tipped Bulc, Slovenia?s deputy prime minister and minister for development, to take on the transportation portfolio. Slovakia?s … [Read more...]

Kosovo, Serbia Sports Fans Chew Over Football Violence

In a chat show Tema [The Topic], which serves as television bridge for Kosovo and Serbia, on Kosovo public television, contributors from Belgrade and Pristina mulled the violent scenes at the Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade's Partizan stadium, after a drone flew over the pitch carrying Albanian symbols.Milos Saranovic, a sports commentator from Serbia's B92 television, said everyone had thought … [Read more...]

The New Ebola Czar Isn’t a Doctor. Should We Care?

The federal government?s Ebola response now has a czar. President Obama has named Ron Klain, former chief of staff to Vice President Biden, to coordinate the agencies handling the disease. Many Americans know Klain, who was a close adviser to former Vice President Al Gore, from Kevin Spacey?s portrayal of him in the HBO movie ?Recount.? Washington insiders know Klain as a smooth, seasoned manager … [Read more...]

EU Commission will screen passengers for Ebola in Africa, but not in EU

For the first time in West Africa, a case of Ebola was confirmed on March 21, 2014, three weeks after the first alert of a possible viral haemorrhagic fever emerged from Guinea?s Forest region The EU Commission will start screening airline passengers in West Africa amid increasing fear of an Ebola outbreak in Europe. But there will not be any coordinated screening inside the EU. The best support … [Read more...]

WSJ: A Natural-Gas Strategy for Europe

October 16th, 2014 10:48pm Posted In: Press Notes The European Commission on Thursday released the results of the stress test carried out on the European gas system. This test, conducted as part of the European Energy Security Strategy, is intended to give European Union leaders an indication of whether they have the infrastructure in place to cope with a potential disruption in gas supplies. Not … [Read more...]