Why Did the Ultra-Religious, Anti-Gay President of „God’s Harvard“ Suddenly Resign?

Late in the afternoon of Wednesday, October 15, the students of Patrick Henry College were called to an all-campus meeting. Patrick Henry College President Graham Walker announced his resignation, effective immediately. With his wife accompanying him on the piano, Walker bid the students farewell singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus," a song from his April 2006 inauguration ceremony.  Patrick Henry … [Read more...]

EU Must Resist Temptation of Energy Union

October 31st, 2014 12:05am Posted In: Natural Gas, News By Country, Russia, Ukraine, Expert Views image: commons.wikimedia.org Energy politics may ultimately define the shape of relations between Russia and the West during this latest crisis in Ukraine. Fears of a cold European winter without adequate amounts of natural gas from Russia are outweighing U.S.-led pressure for tougher … [Read more...]

FOCUS: Bulgaria threatened this winter by suspension of gas deliveries: Deputy PM

October 29th, 2014 11:43am Posted In: Press Notes ?Ensuring safe energy is a main task. The energy sector is not only the ?circulatory system? of the Bulgarian economy but is also crucial in respect to the rest of sectors in Bulgaria,? said Bulgaria?s interim Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy, Minister of Regional Development and Minister of Investment Planning, Ekaterina Zaharieva, … [Read more...]

Columbia’s President Explains His Response to Campus Rape

Universities have long enjoyed the privilege of educating successive generations of young people. This comes, of course, with the responsibility to uphold essential values and to address society?s problems through our institutional leadership and our scholarship. Our constructed communities are drawn from and reflect society at large, so it is inevitable that the issues of the day are our issues … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t MIT Trust Its Own Students to Recognize Sexual Assault?

The hysteria surrounding campus sexual assault reached a new pitch yesterday when MIT released the results of a survey on the subject. The university reported that 17 percent of female undergrads and 5 percent of male undergrads had been sexually assaulted, unleashing a flurry of articles and hand-wringing. ?Activists against sexual assault have argued that such campus ?climate? surveys are … [Read more...]

Commission welcomes ?constructive? budget plans from France, Italy

French finance minister Michel Sapin plans to cut its structural deficit by a total of at least 0.5 percentage points Ahead of a decision on their draft 2015 budgets, expected Wednesday (29.10.2014), France and Italy have made last-ditch efforts to placate the European Commission by cutting their deficits. The announcement marks a turnaround for Paris, which as recently as last week had said … [Read more...]

Forbes: Is Spain Embracing Local Oil and Gas?

October 28th, 2014 11:07am Posted In: Press Notes Following a series of local set backs, Spain?s national government has moved once again to boost domestic oil and gas exploration with the environmental clearance of two wells in the northern Basque region of the country. The approval, which was granted to Spanish energy giant Repsol, comes as Madrid continues its push to revive the country?s … [Read more...]

FSRU Independence a Historic Milestone for Lithuanian Energy Security

October 28th, 2014 12:10am Posted In: Natural Gas, LNG, News By Country, Other Countries, Lithuania, Featured Articles, Energy Security Image via Twitter (@vijapija) Live coverage on the heavily-guarded 294 meter-long floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) mooring the seaport of Klaipeda, off Lithuania's Baltic coast, started in the early morning hours with an array of congratulatory … [Read more...]

One Week in Europe: Climate deal, political compromises and the Juncker Commission

Official ceremony of acceptance of the new President Jean-Claude Juncker?s Commission by EU Parliament President Martin Schulz, October 22, 2014 Following weeks of back and forth between Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Parliament, the president-elect finally got his wish on Wednesday (24.10.2014) when his Commission team was approved by a clear majority in the Strasbourg plenary vote. Back … [Read more...]

European Countries Start Heating Season on Sunday

October 27th, 2014 5:10pm Posted In: Natural Gas European countries started withdrawing gas for the first day since spring, with 9 countries out of 17 getting gas out of the ground on Sunday.  Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK saw their current inventory levels of gas decreasing. Data released by GIE indicate that Austria was the EU country … [Read more...]