LNG for Europe: A multi-faceted role

May 25th, 2015 12:10am Posted In: LNG, Featured Articles The role of LNG for Europe is ?multi faceted,? according to Andrew Walker, Vice President Global LNG, BG Group. LNG in Europe, he said, is a diversification of supply, ?A means of getting gas into the European network whose connectivity is not so good, and if we look at the new markets that have emerged last year, Europe is in the mix, … [Read more...]

Bulgarian Food Safety Agency chief dismissed

Acting on a recommendation by Agriculture Minister Dessislava Taneva, Prime Minister Boiko Borissov dismissed Plamen Mollov as head of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, the government said in a statement on the evening of May 22 2015. Mollov had been in the post since his October 2013 appointment by the now-departed ?Oresharski? administration, which in turn had demoted his predecessor. Reports … [Read more...]

How to Write About Fashion

Fashion writing is a funny business. Nestled next to lavish ads, it can?t easily say what it really thinks. ?Ugly? becomes ?conceptual?; ?looks like grandma?s nightie? becomes ?a return to old-fashioned femininity.? The fashion writer and scholar Anne Hollander?who pinpointed some of these empty niceties in a 1997 column for Slate?was not among the panderers. In her pieces for The New … [Read more...]

Bulgaria calls in Russian envoy to demand explanation of Lavrov comments on Macedonia

Bulgaria?s Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian embassy?s charge d?affaires, wanting an explanation for Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov?s remarks implying that the partition of Macedonia was being sought with a view to giving parts of that country to Bulgaria and Albania, the Foreign Ministry in Sofia said on May 22. A few days earlier, Lavrov said in Moscow ? as quoted on the Russian … [Read more...]

The unacceptable risk of pet acupuncture ? Cat swallowed the needle

Well, here?s a thing. If you give a cat (or dog) acupuncture, they may lick or bite it and SWALLOW A NEEDLE! A swallowed needle in a cat treated for feline hyperaesthesia syndrome Touching of the back and needle insertion led to muscle twitching, piloerection and some vocalisation but she settled after several seconds. She froze for several minutes but then moved, which caused severe muscle … [Read more...]

Marriage Is Evolving. The ‘Primates of Park Avenue’ Aren’t.

The New York Times hit the click-bait jackpot this past weekend with Wednesday Martin?s ?Poor Little Rich Women,? a piece that detailed the gilded yet impotent lives of expensively educated wives who abandon careers to devote themselves to domesticity on Manhattan?s Upper East Side.  The story was an excerpt of a forthcoming book, Primates of Park Avenue, by Martin, a self-described ?social … [Read more...]

Rand Paul’s Fake Filibuster Was Nakedly Political. Good For Him.

On Wednesday, Rand Paul commandeered the Senate floor to upbraid the NSA?s domestic surveillance apparatus. He promised to filibuster for as long as his legs would allow, and ten and a half hours later, with the help of several Democratic and Republican interlocutors, he called it a night. For this, he endured such steady derision from congressional reporters, political operatives, and other … [Read more...]

Support free speech in the public interest: Anti-SLAPP act proposed

It?s a shame that outspoken bloggers have to have lawyers at their disposal because of threats to take down pieces critical of some charlatan. This week, there is a new push to support anti-SLAPP lawsuits. Lawsplainer: The Proposed Federal Anti-SLAPP Act: What It Would Do, Why It?s Important | Popehat Last week, two members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced the SPEAK FREE Act of … [Read more...]

The Strange remains the same for 19 May 2015

Those who choose to celebrate birthdays, graduations or whatever other occasions with metallic balloons should make sure that they are properly weighted down so as to not knock out power for thousands of people, the spokesman said. Source: Power restored for thousands in San Francisco after two hour blackout ? SFGate Scientists are increasingly turning to the ancient stories of Australia?s … [Read more...]

Bad Blood

Right now, men who have sex with men are forbidden from donating blood. Ever. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration released much-anticipated guidance changing the lifetime ban on blood donations from those men to a one-year ban or deferral. In other words, if a gay or bisexual man has had sex with another man in the year prior to attempting to donate, they are still prohibited from … [Read more...]