The Strange remains the same for 25 March 2015

Elephants Help Rescue Stuck 18-Wheeler in Louisiana ? ABC News. HELLO! Epic headline FAIL: Widely used herbicide linked to cancer : Nature News The cult of CrossFit: How the workout can bring out the best (and worst) of faith ? The Washington Post. When the road salt seeps, sometimes the manhole covers fly. A pint spontaneously combusted in a Drogheda pub and completely dumbfounded everyone. Not … [Read more...]

European Commission opens infringement procedure against Bulgaria over restrictions against selling land to foreigners

The European Commission said on March 26 that it had opened an infringement procedure against Bulgaria on what the commission termed investor restrictions for agricultural land. The announcement said that infringement procedures also had been opened against Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia on the same grounds. Bulgaria has legislated restrictions on the sale of agricultural land to non-EU foreign … [Read more...]

The Strange Remains the same for 24 March 2015

Rainbow lorikeets eating meat leaves bird experts astonished FDA: Consumer Updates > Are Some Cosmetics Promising Too Much?. Friend of Darwin and Friend of the Planet awards for 2015 | NCSE. Daughter comes forward to claim Purple Heart unearthed by Denver dog Reporter, deputy, family play key roles in ?Minerva Monster,? look back at 1978 sightings in Stark County Ohio. ?Nazi hideout? in the … [Read more...]

EU Offers 1bn to Boost Balkan Infrastructure

The EU has pledged the Western Balkans one billion euro in investment in infrastructure and transport projects. Commissioner Hahn spoke of the importance of increased cooperation between the west Balkan countries. The conference held in Pristina marked the first time that a top Serbian official had attended a summit in Kosovo since the conflict in the country ended in the late 1990s.  ?We made a … [Read more...]

Naftogaz Hopeful of Follow Up to Winter Gas Package

March 24th, 2015 9:29pm Posted In: Recent News, News By Country, Russia, Ukraine Naftogaz of Ukraine is hopeful about the prospect of signing another gas deal with Gazprom when the the current ?Winter Package? arrangement expires at the end of March. Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev commented: "The trilateral meetings are a vital part of the process to agree conditions for Russian gas supplies to … [Read more...]

A Half-Baked Homage to Nicholson Baker

?On August 6, 1989, a Sunday, I lay back as usual with my feet up in a reclining deck chair padded with blood-dotted pillows in my father-in-law?s study in Berkeley (we were house-sitting) and arranged my keyboard, resting on an abridged dictionary, on my lap.? So begins Nicholson Baker?s tribute to John Updike, U and I: A True Story, a work of ?autobiographical criticism.? As the opening sentence … [Read more...]

Elves rock in Iceland

Back in 2013, we told you that there was trouble with the elves. Elf advocates and environmentalists wanted the Icelandic Road and Coastal Commission and local authorities to abandon a highway project to the tip of the Alftanes peninsula in Iceland because it contained an elf church. A what? Finally, a compromised was reached that preserves a unique structure and allows for the road (that … [Read more...]

Blackpool poltergeist faked

I love reading about poltergeist cases. I really wonder what is going on or who is pranking whom. In this case, the videos are easily faked but the woman?s distress appears real. Your first thought falls to a nylon thread moving the spoon, chandelier and earring. Her hand never goes near it and the camera is just too lucky. Poltergeist Caught On Cam: Woman Being Haunted By Ghost Of Dead Brother? … [Read more...]

UK Government Launches Consultation on Design of Levy for Oil and Gas Authority

March 23rd, 2015 5:28pm Posted In: Recent News, News By Country, United Kingdom The British government continues in its effort to support domestic oil and gas production, launching on Monday a consultation on the design of the levy to fund the new Oil and Gas Authority (OGA).  ?We are working at a great pace to establish and empower the OGA to be a strong and influential regulator, equipped with … [Read more...]

Stroytransgaz to Construct Macedonian Leg of South Stream

March 12th, 2015 6:18pm Posted In: Energy Security & Supply, Recent News, News By Country, South Stream Pipeline, More Countries, Macedonia, Turk/Turkish Stream Russian billionaires are on the move to maintain and increase their clout in Europe.  Over the last hours, Russia?s Stroytransgaz, controlled by Gennady Timchenko, said that the company will start building a gas pipeline in … [Read more...]