Prophet and Loss

Does Karl Marx still matter? It?s a question most readers of a new biography of Marx would ask?even if they are already steeped in the contentious scholarship about (or the perpetual ideological skirmishes within) the radical left. What relevance can his life and work have in a world where nearly every socialist party long ago made its peace with capitalism, and at a time when his writings are … [Read more...]

Trump?s Racist Birther Gaslighting Strategy Has Taken Over the GOP

At some point before this past Friday, it dawned on Donald Trump and his aides that they couldn?t avoid a rendezvous with his birther destiny before voters go to the polls in November, and that his first debate with Hillary Clinton?what promises to be one of the most watched events in television history?was likely to be the place for it. Their response to this realization has been one of the … [Read more...]

Bulgaria?s Special Criminal Court begins hearing first terrorism trial

Bulgaria?s Special Criminal Court has begun hearing its first case involving charges of terrorism, laid against three Syrians that prosecutors allege intended to join Daesh and the Muslim Brotherhood. The three Syrian men, aged between 22 and 25 and who had been given refugee status by Germany, have suspended sentences for illegally crossing the border. At the court sitting on September 19, … [Read more...]

The Once and Future Trump

The Republican Party was torn asunder by a populist media personality running a nationalist campaign based on immigration restriction, protectionism, and an anti-internationalist foreign policy. Initially dismissed as a bigoted crank, this upstart presidential candidate managed to humiliate the GOP establishment, led by the Bush family. This is not just a description of the 2016 elections. It also … [Read more...]

North Dakota?s Pipeline Protest is About Climate Justice

Over the past months, hundreds of indigenous persons and their allies have gathered near the crossing of the Missouri and Cannon Ball rivers in the ancestral territories of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Using nonviolent means, their goal is to stop the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that would connect production fields in North Dakota to refineries in Illinois. Their primary fear … [Read more...]

Shop Till You Drop

For a small but fervid subset of Americans, weekends are devoted to preparing for the end of weekends. Whether it?s canning vegetables, stocking the bunker, or drilling the kids in target practice, survivalists maintain a constant state of readiness for whatever doomsday scenario?zombie attack, electromagnetic pulse, coordinated FEMA takeover?they believe will bring about the end of the world as … [Read more...]

Indonesian Medco Energi Acquires 40% Stake in Natuna Sea Block

September 19th, 2016 2:45pm Posted In: Natural Gas News, News By Country, Corporate, Exploration & Production, Natural Gas News Asia, Indonesia Indonesia?s Medco Energi Internasional has signed a share sale and purchase agreement to acquire ConocoPhillips Indonesia and ConocoPhillips Singapore Operations, both subsidiaries of ConocoPhillips. ConocoPhillips Indonesia is the operator of the … [Read more...]

Humber monster surfaces in the media to attract tourists

This week?s media monster is the Humber monster, a Nessie-type creature (aren?t they all) that is being featured in the usual array of tabloids and on clickbait mystery sites. I?m not sure why it?s shown up now (silly summer season?) but I?d bet it?s deliberate. There is no new or good evidence that there ever was a ?monster? or sea serpent in the area. It?s just a good old typical monster tale. … [Read more...]

News Briefs: This week?s Clown Show

My stars, it was a busy news week! We can?t cover all the doubtful news rolling out every day. Here are a few extra links from the Doubtful News Twitter and Facebook feeds related to themes and past stories we?ve featured. Feel free to throw in additional information in the comments. Send suggested stories to [email protected] or on via Twitter @doubtfulnews. Thanks for your support. It?s … [Read more...]

Bulgaria grants 300 000 leva to Macedonia over flood damage

Bulgaria?s Cabinet agreed on September 20 to grant financial assistance of 300 000 leva (about 153 440 euro) to the the Republic of Macedonia to help its neighbouring country tackle the effects of the disastrous floods in the regions of Skopje and Tetovo on August 6 and 7. The grant comes in addition to technical and humanitarian assistance already provided by Bulgaria. The funding will come out … [Read more...]