Tibet?s Epidemic of Suicides by Fire

February 27, 2009, was the third day of Losar, the Tibetan New Year. It was also the day that self-immolation came to Tibet. The authorities had just cancelled a Great Prayer Festival (Monlam) to commemorate the victims of the government crackdown in 2008. A monk by the name of Tapey stepped out of the Kirti Monastery and set his body alight on the streets of Ngawa, in the region known in Tibetan … [Read more...]

Political crisis boosts Moldova?s pro-Russians but corruption real threat

A corruption crisis unfolding in Moldova has given a boost to Russia-leaning political parties, say analysts, even as the country remains on a pro-Europe path. Protesters in January stormed the parliament building in the capital, Chisinau, and demanded new elections after the closed-door, midnight inauguration of Pavel Filip, the third prime minister in the past year. The pro-European coalition is … [Read more...]

BG Goes out with a Bang

February 05th, 2016 11:25am Posted In: Recent News, LNG, Market News UK integrated gas producer BG reported February 5 its last annual financial results before Shell takes over the business mid-February and pays the 2015 dividend. Production was up 16% at 704,000 barrels of oil equivalent/d but earnings were down 35% at $4.17bn. As forecast, LNG earnings were in the expected range at $1.46bn, … [Read more...]

Zak?s Demon House docu gets delayed (UPDATE: House destroyed)

Nearly two years ago, Zak Bagans, flashy ghost investigator from TV Ghost Adventures, bought the ?demon? house in Indiana days after it made sensational headlines in the tabloids and even in more reputable news outlets. The story of Ammons family who lived in the house was that of a woman and her three children who claimed they experienced trouble in the house and were possessed by demons. The … [Read more...]

Ukraine economy minister resigns, blames Poroshenko ally for thwarting anti-corruption drive

Economy minister Aivaras Abromavicius resigned on February 3, becoming the third reform-minded minister to quit the Ukrainian government in less than two months. At a hastily arranged news conference in Kyiv, the Lithuania-born former investment banker blamed President Petro Poroshenko?s business partner and lawmaker Ihor Kononenko for prompting the resignation. ?These people have names,? … [Read more...]

Proof Nessie is an eel? Not exactly, but not a bad guess.

The Scotsman newspaper regularly posts stories on its favorite lake monster just so she stays in people?s minds and brings tourists to the shores of Loch Ness. It?s unclear why this story of a video from 2007 is now making news again but it is, as are all Nessie claims, less than impressive and certainly not ?proof? of anything. Loch Ness Monster ?could have been a giant eel? Gordon Holmes, who … [Read more...]

After Sanctions, Iran’s Growing Role in the Caucasus

February 03rd, 2016 6:00am Posted In: Energy Security & Supply, News By Country, More Countries, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Featured Articles, Georgia, Expert Views Summary With the end of sanctions on Iran, the country's regional economic influence will begin to rebound. The adjacent South Caucasus region, encompassing Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, is one area that Tehran will target … [Read more...]

Inaugural cryptozoology conference held ? New society to be formed

Science writer and author, Matt Bille (Shadows of Existence and Rumors of Existence) attended the inaugural International Cryptozoology Museum Conference in St. Augustine, Florida last week and reported on the proceedings. You can read his entire review of the 3-day event here but I?ll highlight some of the news and views that came out of the meeting. The event was arranged and hosted Loren … [Read more...]

Nothing interesting happens in Canberra, eh? UFO hoax revealed (and it?s deemed ?not interesting?)

There was really no story to cover when, on January 4, 2015, several news outlets reported on a video on YouTube, promoted on Reddit, that was getting attention. You see, UFO/portal/wormhole videos are decidedly uninteresting (or should be) because they can pretty easily be faked and ARE regularly faked. All videos and photos (of ghosts, Bigfoot, lake monsters, anomalies, etc.) are not reliable … [Read more...]

Bulgaria seeking ?solution? to Greek farmers? blockade of border crossings ? Foreign Minister

Bulgaria?s Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov said on February 2 that authorities in Sofia were using all available diplomatic channels to solve the issue of Greek farmers blocking traffic at border checkpoints between Bulgaria and Greece. ?We have stepped in already. The Bulgarian ambassador in Athens has met with authorities at all levels, responsible for solving [the issue] and improving the … [Read more...]