Remembering Legendary New Republic Cartoonist Vint Lawrence

Vint Lawrence, a cartoonist and former contributing editor at the New Republic, died on April 9 at 76. Lawrence lived a fascinating, multifaceted life: In the early 1960s, he served in Laos as a CIA paramilitary officer, where he helped organize a secret guerrilla war against communist forces. After returning to the United States in 1964, he abandoned a blooming career in government to become an … [Read more...]

Macedonia crisis: Bulgaria urges dialogue, end to violence

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov has called on political leaders in Macedonia to resume political dialogue on solutions to the political crisis in that country and has appealed to everyone to refrain from any form of violence. Mitov?s April 14 statement came after protests in the Republic of Macedonia ? which arose after Macedonian president Gjorge Ivanov decreed a blanket amnesty for 46 … [Read more...]

Protests in Skopje following the amnesty granted by President Ivanov

Hundreds of citizens protested last night following the decision of the president of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov. to grant amnesty and suspend all judicial trials against politicians. Protests were initially held in front of the Special Prosecution, continued in front of the government building and in the end, in front of the seat of the largest party in the country, VMRO-DPMNE. They … [Read more...]

Breaking the Color Line: The Politics of Signing Jackie Robinson

On October 23, 1945, the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson to their top minor league team, the Montreal Royals, ending the color line in professional baseball. After the signing, an Associated Press reporter asked Brooklyn team president Branch Rickey if he?d been politically pressured to sign Robinson. Rickey said he had given thought only to Robinson?s ability and the needs of his … [Read more...]

U.S. Shell Companies Are Just as Common as Panamanian Ones

The Panama Papers have exposed the largest financial crime scandal of our lifetimes. But what has been uncovered by the Panama Papers is much more dangerous than simply greed and corruption. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, the Panama Papers are over 11 million documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, one of the largest law firms in the world specializing in offshore accounts and … [Read more...]

Kazakhstan to decrease gas production, export

February 21st, 2016 8:00pm Posted In: News, News By Country, Kazakhstan, Gas for Transport, Caspian Focus, Import/Export Kazakhstan is to export less gas this year as production is forecast to dip, according to a report released by the oil ministry. Last year, the central Asian republic produced 45.3bn m3 of natural gas, about 5% more than the previous year. However, for the current year, it … [Read more...]

Bulgaria annual CPI records 0.2% deflation in March 2016

Bulgaria?s consumer price index (CPI) recorded 0.2 per cent per cent annual deflation in March 2016, while the monthly data showed CPI shrinking by 0.6 per cent, according to figures released by the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on April 12. The annual average inflation, measured by CPI, in the last 12 months (April 2015 ? March 2016) compared to the previous 12 months (April 2014 ? March … [Read more...]

Bulgaria opens third renovated gas compressor station

Bulgaria is preparing for the construction of a future gas hub near the Black Sea city of Varna through the modernisation and development of gas infrastructure this year and in 2017, it was announced on April 11 at the opening of the third reconstructed gas compressor station, at Strandzha. At the event, Bulgartransgaz EAD put into use the rehabilitated Strandzha compressor station and two new gas … [Read more...]

A Maddening Sound

Sue Taylor first started hearing it at night in 2009. A retired psychiatric nurse, Taylor lives in Roslin, Scotland, a small village seven miles outside of Edinburgh. ?A thick, low hum,? is how she described it, something ?permeating the entire house,? keeping her awake. At first she thought it was from a nearby factory, or perhaps a generator of some kind. She began spending her evenings looking … [Read more...]

Why Do We Still Flock to Exhibits of Dead People?

When Dr. Gunther von Hagens started using ?plastination? in the 1970s to preserve human bodies, he likely did not anticipate the wild success of the Body Worlds exhibitions that stem from his creation. Body Worlds has since hosted millions of visitors to its exhibits, including six spin-offs. The offshoots include a version on vital organs and another featuring plastinated animal remains. The … [Read more...]