Unproven health advice over UK TV is a no-no

A TV show claimed a recipe of basil leaves and peppers could prevent cancer. Where did that claim come from? Yoga TV show fined £25,000 over basil cancer cure claim. A digital TV channel has been fined £25,000 after viewers of its Yoga for You show were told basil leaves and black pepper could prevent cancer. Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom said the show, on Asia TV?s Lamhe channel, carried ?an … [Read more...]

3 arrested, 2 held in possible plot to taint Pristina?s water

Police in Kosovo said Saturday that they had cut off drinking water to much of the capital, Pristina, after arresting three terror suspects near a reservoir that supplies large parts of the city. Pristina?s water authority, citing ?security issues,? said the water supply had been stopped and that testing was underway to determine whether the reservoir had been contaminated. A water utility … [Read more...]

UK Government Formally Launches Oil and Gas Authority

July 10th, 2015 2:27pm Posted In: Recent News, News By Country, United Kingdom The UK oil and gas industry welcomed the new Energy Bill introduced into the House of Lords on Thursday. The Bill will hinge on two pillars. Firstly, it commits to support development of North Sea oil and gas, while increasing local people?s voice on new onshore wind farm applications.  At the same time, the Bill … [Read more...]

Naturopathic advice probably landed baby near death

This appears to be extremely damning for the naturopath. Sydney naturopath and former nurse Marilyn Bodnar had only been advising the mother of an eight month-old baby for a couple of months when the infant almost died of starvation, police allege. Bodnar, 59, was arrested at her Leppington home and practice ? ?Health and Vitality Centre? ? on Thursday after allegedly advising a mother of a … [Read more...]

Stones thrown at Serbian PM Vucic at Srebrenica commemoration

The worst scenario of the BiH police regarding the visit of Serb prime minister Aleksandar Vucic to Srebrenica commemoration came true when a group of participants threw stones at him and forced the Serb delegation to leave Potocari cemetery in a hurry. Vucic?s arrival in Srebrenica was welcomed by many local and international officials, but police agencies warned a day before that there was great … [Read more...]

Gibson?s untrue claims about cancer could have killed people

Last Spring, it was revealed by Australian media that Belle Gibson?s story about cancer recovery through diet and alternative lifestyle was a hoax. The celebrity author?s publisher Penguin admitted it did not fact check her claims about being diagnosed with terminal malignant brain cancer in 2009 and then having a seemingly miraculous recovery by rejecting conventional medicine. The hazard of … [Read more...]

Serbian Citizen Faces Terrorism Trial in Kosovo

The Kosovo Special Prosecution raised an indictment on Friday against Slobodan Gavric, a citizen of Serbia who was arrested by police in Pristina last December in a car containing  a quantity of explosives. ?The defendant S.G. had the serious intent of frightening the population and destabilizing and destroying the most important political, constitutional, economic and social structures of the … [Read more...]

Greece promises reforms in bid for debt relief

The Greek government submitted on Wednesday its formal request for a new aid package in an attempt to avoid exiting the eurozone. Greece asked for a three-year programme, from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). In return, Greece would commit to a comprehensive set of reforms and measures to be implemented in the areas of fiscal sustainability, financial stability, and long-term economic … [Read more...]

Trend: Gazprom’s Debt to Turkmenistan for Gas Supplies Undermines Image of Russia’s Monopoly

July 09th, 2015 5:02pm Posted In: Press Notes The relations of old strategic partners in the gas sector - Russia and Turkmenistan are going through hard times. Gazprom OJSC has not paid Turkmenistan for the gas supplies since early 2015. This greatly undermines the image of the Russian gas monopolist, especially, if we take into account that the Gazprom?s top managers refuse to make any comments. … [Read more...]

Bulgarian exports to EU up but trade balance still negative

Bulgarian exports to other European Union countries were 12.3 per cent higher in January to April 2015 than in January to April 2014, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on July 9. In the first four months of 2015, Bulgarian exports to other EU countries added up to 9.3 billion leva (about 4.75 billion euro), the NSI said, citing preliminary figures. The main trading partners of Bulgaria … [Read more...]